If you have a rental property,
You might be missing out on a HUGE Tax Strategy
Most likely, you are depreciating it over 27.5 years if it is a residential property
Or 39 years for commercial properties
Tax Strategy
Instead of depreciating a residential property over 27.5 years
You can actually accelerate a portion of the depreciation over 5-15 years, NOT 27.5 years
3 Family Home with a cost of 1,000,000
Depreciated over 27.5 years
Tax Deduction: $36,363 Every Year
With my Tax Strategy:
Assuming 30% of the home qualifies for accelerated depreciation
Tax Deduction: $68,312 in Tax Deduction Every Year
That is $31,949 in new tax deductions
And if you are in 30% bracket,
You saved $9,584.70 on this TAX STRATEGY alone!
How do I know this Tax Strategy?
I have spent YEARS learning the Tax Code and Tax Strategies to benefit YOU!
Let’s talk about it
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And we will come up with a Tax Plan that can save you 10s of 1000s of dollars on your tax bill
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