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“Hi, my name is attorney Andrew and I’m an attorney in Florida. Boris has helped me with my 2018 personal and business tax returns. He’s already shown me how I can save more than $20,000 this year on my federal income tax return. If I had not spoken with him or hired him, I definitely would have left this money on the table as he made me very aware of things that I was not aware of, and I’m a pretty smart guy. If anybody is questioning if they should hire Boris or not, I really think that he knows what he’s talking about. I even asked him questions that were difficult and he didn’t volunteer at first when I asked him the questions, it was clear to me he knew the answers and he knew his stuff, so to speak. I really hope that Boris continues helping people like me and I hope to use him in 2019 and the years going forward. Thanks, Boris!”
Attorney Andrew H.

Attorney Andrew H.

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Your business’ profitability and operational efficiency are at the center of your business’ success!

Our experience, professionalism, and attention to detail make our business services second-to-none. As an experienced tax professional team, we look forward to the opportunity to help transform your business’ financials as we work with you to establish short and long-term strategies for growth and profitability.

Working with us and enlisting our business services could make all the difference!

Whether you need help starting a business, cleaning up your books, setting up QuickBooks, business coaching, payroll services, or other strategic consulting, we can help you.

We work with our clients in a relational way to help them experience the financial success they desire – whether your business is just an idea, new, small, large, or in need of some special attention.

Tax Plan Updates for Today

Just wanted to give you an update I am working on a Tax Plan today for an Attorney-Client of mine One of the Tax Strategies that I will use Is Reasonable Compensation Salary Reduction Strategy My client is paying himself too much money And he had no idea what his...

Record Keeping

Have you fallen behind on your record keeping? Don't you know tax season is coming??? It will come back up faster than you think... Make sure you track your expenses And keep proper documentation of EVERYTHING Just put it in a little pile, in a folder, no big deal...

The Behavior Profile of Our Manhattan Clients with the Highest Level of Financial Security

The madness of March certainly delivered over the weekend, huh? Plenty of upsets and surprises, which always makes this time of year fun for basketball fans. Or, so I hear. After all, this tournament seems to happen yearly, and until the IRS changes the deadline for...

A 12-Point Financial Health Check For Manhattan Families And Individuals

We are now fully engaged in our tax "off season" here in Manhattan. But interestingly, this is where the real difference that we can make on behalf of our tax preparation clients is actually made. We're diving into the new tax legislation, and attending classes...

Three FAFSA Tips to Help Manhattan Taxpayers Get Their High School Grads Ready for College

Independence Day is this week. Bombs. Patriotism. Picnics. Barbecue. All those things.I often write about "financial independence" this time of year (yes, I like the puns) ... and when I do, invariably I get contacted by a few clients (or former clients), who...

Three Key Money-Management Tips For College Students In Manhattan

So, Labor Day is behind us, which means that the FALL is here. Football, cooler temps, pumpkins and more are in our future.And school.School is back in session in Manhattan -- which for some parents is something to celebrate, and others something to mourn. Or a little...

You Can’t Win Every Case… But You Can Minimize Your Losses

I can't imagine how hard it is to be an Attorney   It must take a lot of confidence to present your case in front of a packed courtroom...   And it must be devastating if you ever lose a case   I bet you do your best to minimize your losses in the courtroom   You try...

2018 Tax Planning Strategies Questionnaire For Manhattan Taxpayers

Wait, you thought I meant the holidays?Ha. As much as I love Andy Williams, what I REALLY mean is tax planning season. That is to say, year-end moves. :)And next week, I'll give you some generalized moves you can make that can affect your tax bill (in positive ways...

Staying Positive is KEY

We all have tough times in life and in business   Morning mess-ups, road rage, subway problems, etc.   Life brings unexpected curve balls   Client A/RS become uncollectible   Clients start ghosting you   Basically, SHIT HAPPENS   But, you have to stay positive in life...

Boris Musheyev’s Three Simple Steps For Better Information Security Management

Unless you're a Patriots fan, the Super Bowl sure was a snoozefest, eh? The snarky tweets were in full force, and there were many sad bettors who might want to check this out (unless, of course, they just want to let us handle it for them, which is always wise).Even...

How You’re Missing Legal Tax Deductions

Here’s a certain truth: the State and Federal Government would love to have more of your hard-earned money in their accounts. Sure, even though it’s painful, none of us begrudge paying our legal and fair share of taxes.

But the problem is that regular taxpayers, like you, are missing out on legal and safe deductions, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in unclaimed refunds every year!