It’s always good to prepare for the worst

By taking action now, we can prepare for problems later on

For example,

Do you know where the emergency exits are in your workplace?

If the answer is no, you should locate them

It will take a little time now, but it is so worth it

When we had a fire drill in my building,

I attended the 10-minute drill

I was annoyed and had to interrupt my work day

BUT, I am glad I did.

I learned that during an emergency,

If you are are not able to use the emergency exits for whatever reason

The front desk becomes the “help point”

It is one of the first places the fire department will check in on

That is where the “Captain” of the building will be to make sure no one is left behind

I started my business because I believe in being prepared


I meet with clients to discuss how to legally lower their tax bill by planning ahead

So they’re never surprised with a giant bill in April

At our Strategy Session, we will discuss strategies such as:

👉Legal entity structuring

👉How to legally get money out of your business without paying taxes

👉Maximizing on obscure incentives hidden in the tax code

👉And more options personalized for you

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