Here are the FIVE reasons Self Employed Attorneys are OVERPAYING IN TAXES

Reason # 1: Incorrectly Structured Entities (no, S-Corp does not necessarily save you money on taxes!)

Reason # 2: Overpayment In Payroll Taxes

Reason # 3: No Retirement Account Set Up

Reason # 4: Investing in Real Estate, BLINDLY.

Reason # 5: The biggest reason, no Tax Planning

Why is that?

You see Tax Planning is not a New Concept, but it is for Small Law Firms

I don’t care if you are netting a 100k a year or 10mil a year

I have a motto

“If you are profitable in your Law Firm, you are overpaying in Taxes.” SIMPLE

Look, our tax code designed in a way that opportunities are for grabs, LEGALLY

If you are a spiritual person, you know that there are a lot of secrets in our Bible

Well, now think of our Tax Code as a Bible of Tax Law

It has a lot of secrets,

These secrets are not, and I repeat, are not included in your tax filings

When you file your taxes in March and April.

But what is in included in your annual Tax Filing, are tax mistakes

If you schedule your Tax Strategy Session with me

I will help you discover these Tax Secrets AND STOP MAKING TAX MISTAKES

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On our strategy session, we cover…

Maximizing all deductions and even looking at obscure incentives hidden in the tax code…

How to LEGALLY, pull cash out of your business without paying tax…..

The best ways to save for retirement….

Maybe even consider, income shifting strategies


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