I talk to a lot of Self Employed Attorneys,

Day after day, week after week

And surprisingly, Self Employed Attorneys turn out to be struggling with

Tax Compliance and make 3 MOST common Tax Mistakes

Mistake # 1: Wrong Salary Compliance

Mistake #2: Taking out Cash from the business, thus creating a taxable event

Mistake #3: Incorrectly deducting health insurance costs and not setting up reimbursement arrangements for other related medical expenses!

Unfortunately, these mistakes can not be undone after the tax year ends

If you want to save money on taxes

If you want to be able to pull cash, tax-free from your Law Firm

If you want to be in compliance with the IRS

Then, just preparing and filing your Taxes, is NOT the solution

You need Tax Plan with Tax Strategies & Compliance Checklist

I guarantee you if you are making money in your business

You are OVERPAYING in taxes

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I can tell you on the call, with certainty how much you are overpaying in taxes

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